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Model Train Layout Service Featuring Kato Unitrack

The Classic N Scale Layout

N Scale Layout 

Custom built to order

  • A classical train layout for freight or passenger trains.
  • A generously sized layout without being overwhelming in space or weight.
  • This layout can fit nicely on a dining room table or a card table.
  • The train layout is light-weight and can be moved around easily. The layout typically weighs around 25 pounds.
  • Simultaneous dual train running. The main-lines can switch trains over to the inside and outside lines with the help of the electrically controlled double crossover track.
  • The spurs are isolated so you can park your trains while running other locos on the main-line.
  • Bridges, fastidious track-work, detailed scenery. Plenty of switching action and alternate routes complete this as a great design choice!
  • All wiring complete and secured to the underside of the layout. Just plug in your controller(s) of choice.
  • Each layout is built by hand and takes about two and a half months for completion. Each layout is unique as it is a functional work of art.
  • Layout size can be adjusted upon request.This will be additional if the layout is larger, as it changes shipping dimensions and box size.

  *Various versions of this layout are shown as each layout is unique.

Payment options:

Personal checks, money orders can be used to purchase.

A payment plan of two parts is another option.  The first payment for half and then when layout is finished, before delivery, the second payment can be made.

$2749 Delivered in the continental United States

To have one built, click on email below


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