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Kato Unitram Kit or Layout

Great for small table tops!

Great for bringing with you on trips!


Basic track and road plate.

This is the new small N scale Unitram from Kato.

It is modeling the Light rail commuter trains that are found in many cities worldwide.

Tracks will connect to Kato Unitrack for more options!

Kits and layout can have Kato power pack added for additional price.

Kato N Scale Baseplate Kit


w/in the United States

Delivered w/in the United States.

Kit includes track plate basic oval

Size: 26.85" x 24.40"

Able to be used with Kato Unitrack

Unitram Layout built by hand by R Guard

$600 Delivered

Layout (Features trees, lights, details)

$600 delivered w/in the United States

Takes about a month for production of layout building as per order.

Size: 30"x30"

Kato Power Pack

$65 each/Delivered in US only

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