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Grande in size.

Big in fun!

(Prototype shown)


  • A grande layout using the most recent release of Kato's modern viaducts and modern elevated curve track system.
  • 48"x78"
  • Built per order.
  • This is a great train layout for an up and over double-loop train running experience!
  • This interesting track pattern lets the train travel up and over a little more gradually by using more inward loop.
  • Trains can cross over mainlines thanks to the double-crossover turnout.
  • There are two mainlines that let you run one train while running another on the other line.
  • Lots of visual interests, two trains running reliably and simultaneously while enjoying the handmade terrain.
  • A real treat for train runners and those who appreciate quality.
  • Great for running long trains that can handle grades (roughly 4% grade).The quality of Kato track and a handmade train layout is a great combination of reliability and uniqueness. 

Fully wired and ready to go, included in this layout building service is a brand new DC MRC Tech 7 power pack and all the turnout controls. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

Since this layout is a building service, it takes about 3 months to build from scratch.

Note: (Prototype shown- some track pieces may change for better flow)

Each layout varies in terms of placement of scenery elements. The layout will be delivered in a crate to protect it from harm, this is the heaviest part.If purchased, be aware that the crate can be heavy and you may need helpers to remove the layout.

*** Model trains are not included but can be added if desired.

Payment options:

Personal checks, money orders, or PayPal can be used to purchase.

A payment plan of two parts is another option.

The first payment for half and then when layout is finished, before delivery, the second payment can be made.


(Delivered in the United States using a wooden crate to ship)

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